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BigBen Quad-charging Dock, for 4 Joy-cons (Switch)

BigBen Quad-charging Dock, for 4 Joy-cons (Switch)

399,00 NOK 549,00 NOK

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Ladestasjon for 4 Joy-cons. Passer til Ninendo Switch


  • Charger with 4 slots for Joycons
  • Operation LEDs: red while charging, blue when the Joy-Con™ is charged
  • Charging time up to 7 hours to completely charge 4 Joy-Con™
  • Plugs directly into the Switch™ dock thanks to its built-in USB cable (Length: 100cm).
  • N.B: to optimise the charging time, the charger starts by charging 2 Joy-cons then, once fnished, it charges the remaining 2 Joy-cons.
Produsent Bigben Interactive
Importør Entertainment Trading

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